We want to help men know, love, and serve Jesus. We want to help them get in the game, but we want to do that in a way that works for busy guys—men who are already pouring a lot into their families, their work, and their friends. That's why our leadership team is like you. They're just regular guys from all walks of life, so they design ministry to work for, well, regular guys. Why? Because they really want to see men connect, grow in Christ, go serve him, and have a blast doing it.

What Activities Make you Come Alive?

Adrenaline offers you a variety of fun activities where you can connect with other B4 Men and Christ! Things like basketball, camping, motorcycle rides, scuba diving, shooting, skydiving, veterans fellowships, volleyball, and workout groups. What revs your motor? Get in touch and let us know.

For more info, email Ben Kincaid.

Establishing a Strong Base

These gatherings are a place for men to connect around life balance, priorities, and overcoming strongholds. They offer authentic spiritual care that helps men address their need to identify purpose, take action, and create a foundation to build upon. Thesee meetings are supportive places to connect with others, not correct them. We will address specific topics like drifting (life and priorities balance), being Christian men, addictions, finding purpose, and defeating strongholds.

For more info, email our team.

Plug In to Devotionals and Groups

Join us for a meal and learn more about group opportunities. Groups can include anything from coaching and mentoring to sharing experiences, needs, and challenges. All groups are designed to support men while they’re getting into the Word. We'll help you connect with others in your neighborhood that want to meet in smaller groups.

For more info, email John Chung.

Serving Connects Us

Service projects provide men with the opportunity to become more active members of our community and build relationships with one another. They also create a lasting, positive impression of our church at large. You can be a part of projects like "Second Saturday" community service, meeting church member's service requests, or car maintenance for single moms.

For more info, email Ken Johnson or Wayne Mori

Journaling and Study

Our mission is to encourage men in their desire to build a strong relationship with the Lord. Through study and small group discussion, we will apply God’s Word to our daily lives. As iron sharpens iron, we make ourselves available and accountable to one another in prayer and fellowship as we strive to become more like Christ. Check out our latest study here.

For more info, email leaders Jerry Robinson and Ron Nelson.

Help for Life

There a number of ministries at B4 that offer life-changing opportunities for involvement with men, their families, and our church. Ministries include the following: Rooted is a 10-week small group experience for men who are looking for something that will help them grow closer to Jesus and activate their faith. Find out more here. Reunion is for couples who need to re-connect, re-ignite, or even resurrect their marriage. Reunion helps them experience a deeper relationship with Christ and the resulting intimacy with one another. Contact Reunion here. Sexual Integrity ministries help men know they are not alone and assists them in overcoming shame and guilt when they struggle with issues of purity. Contact our partner Pure Life Alliance for this through a confidential email.







From an empty gas tank to an empty nest, or even an empty heart, there are many reasons women need to fill up on God’s unconditional love. The kind of love that doesn’t care what time dinner is, how many skeletons are in your closet, or what size of jeans are hanging next to them. We believe that kind of love makes a woman feel more powerful and secure. Our women’s ministries are designed with that kind of love in mind. To show women in all ages and stages of life how adored and purpose-filled they are, right where they are. We find hope while sharing our brokenness and backstage stories. We would be honored to add your story, wisdom, and encouragement to our daily doses of God’s humble pie.

Looking for Motherwise registration? It's here.


Rest assured, you are not alone in wondering how to parent your kids through the challenges of today’s world. We believe moms who surround themselves with a community of prayerful support can triumph joyfully through this season. During our MotherWise meetings throughout the school year, you’ll be inspired through friendship, prayer, and the study of God’s Word. Experienced mentor moms lead our MotherWise small groups. They’ll help you navigate your life as a wife, mother, and friend. B4Kids ministry is offered on a pre-registered basis. If you're new to MotherWise, check out our latest study and meeting times, or register here.

Single Moms' Life Groups

Are you a single mom and wanting to get connected here at B4? The Single Mom's Life Group is made for you! Being a single mom is a unique journey. Don't do it alone. This group of moms meets every other Sunday to learn, grow, encourage, and pray together. We're here for you, so join us!








Marriage is the most powerful "I do" you will ever do.  We want to help you keep your union rooted in God's love and His Word. It teaches us so much about how to happily give and receive with a lifelong sidekick. Someone to conquer the enemy—and the dishwasher—with. We offer ministry for those considering the beginning of a marriage and even those considering the end of one. We want to help couples make those decisions with their eyes wide open to what God is working hard to show them. Marriage is the beginning of a family and we believe family is where Gods light can shine the brightest.


Suit up! You’re going in! This preparation begins with a sit down chat with our marriage pastor, who is well versed in marriage (their own and others) and they want to hear your story. Next stop is our ENGAGE class. It’s a small group of couples who are engaged or considering engagement. The class meets for eight weeks, starting a few times a year, and it’ll load up your happy wagon with all kinds of tried and true tools for a successful marriage. They’ll also pair you with a more seasoned couple in our church for the duration of the class who will help answer the tough questions that are more personal. The friendships you make will see you through the rough times, and boost you back into the good times so much faster.


Yes please. We love weddings. Why else would we build a church? Even so, we don’t just do weddings, we help couples prepare for marriage. If you would like the details about getting married here, or having one of our pastors perform your wedding ceremony, please contact Debi MIlls to set up an appointment. Supporting you through this amazing celebration of God’s great plan remains one of our favorite things to do!

Reunion: Refreshed and Renewed

If the socks on the bathroom floor have gotten to you one too many times, it might be time to try a new approach. Reunion is for those of you who’ve been married awhile and need your relationship refreshed or repaired. Just come as you are and we will do the rest. Like our ENGAGE ministry, it’s small group-based, with case studies and interactive bible study led by mentor couples. Trust us. It is possible. God can and will heal, strengthen, and refresh your marriage in ways you can’t imagine.







Senior Adults

Around here, we're called Prime Timers. Most of us are 55+ and retired, but we welcome adults of all ages to our gatherings. Besides the usual senior discounts we get for losing hair and growing smile lines, God offer us a uniquely joyful season. Most of us have fewer daily responsibilities, which means we have less to worry about and more time to pray. Beside prayer, another thing's a regular event on our schedules: We gather monthly at the church for a potluck lunch and a word from one of our pastors. From time to time we also take fun field trips together. And our annual retreat is a blast. We would love to meet you and share all of it with you! 

For more info contact our Senior Adult Ministry Pastor, Jim Pope






Healing and Wholeness

Even though we are not of this world, we're still surrounded by the injustice and brokenness of it. There are times our own sins and the sins of others can leave us feeling paralyzed and in pain. Our church family is full of people who understand what you are going through. Many have been through it themselves. We want to help you sort through the mess to find a message from your Messiah: There is always hope. Please reach out to us through any of the ministries here. You will be so glad you did.

ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services)

We know God has plans to give you hope and a future brighter than you can imagine. This is a biblically-based support and prayer group. We hear you, we want to know you and show you the comfort only found in the arms of Jesus. We work hard to help you feel physically safe, emotionally healed, and spiritually whole. This is a 100% confidential group. Please call us in any moment you want brighter days ahead for yourself and your family. 503.846.9284.


Celebrate Recovery

For some, life is harder and it's even more difficult when we're self-medicate. But there's hope. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program addressing substance abuse, along with other destructive hurts and habits. the program was born out at Saddleback Church in 1993, where pastors John Baker and Rick Warren wrote the curriculum. The Celebrate Recovery program is now used in over 20,000 churches, including ours.

To start celebrating your own recovery or more info please contact through this confidential email

Go from Mourning to Joy with Griefshare

Even when we know our loved one is home safe with Jesus, the pain and loss of not being able to hug them anymore is real. It deserves attention and affection. Griefshare can help. We walk together through what God’s Word teaches us about death and encourage each other to embrace a genuine gratitude for a life well lived.

For more info contact our Ministry Leader Volunteer, Bonnie Mercer

HEART (Healing from Abortion-Related Trauma)

HEART is designed to offer healing and recovery. It’s a Bible study support group designed for women who want to find peace from the deep sadness and confusion Abortion creates. We believe God’s word can be a trustworthy compass for better days ahead. If you’re interested in a HEART group, please call this confidential voice mail number: 503.224.3278.


Prayer Shawl

Those of you blessed with the skill of turning a ball of yarn into a blanket of warmth are invited to join us on Friday mornings. We pray, chat, knit, pray, chat, crochet. Repeat. Our prayer shawls are gifted to those who need the reminder of Gods cover over them through a difficult time. Even better, we intercede for all recipients, so we’re really a prayer group disguised as knitters.







Multicultural Ministries

Multicultural Fellowship

Join us for coffee and fellowship immediately after the 9:30 Sunday morning service in the Loft. Enjoy a warm welcome and engage in conversation with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. We also reflect on the sermon message in smaller groups and pray for one another, while enjoying light snacks. It’s a great opportunity to connect with various multi-ethnic small groups. We also have fun supervised activities for young children. All are welcome.

Multicultural Young Adults

We're professionals, students, and everyone in-between. We come from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, but we still share a common goal. We want to discover what it means to be God’s beloved sons and daughters, who follow Jesus together. We’re excited to be the next generation that gets to bring kingdom influence with us wherever we go. Join us after the 9:30 service in the Loft for multicultural fellowship before our group meets to grow in God’s love and become better equipped for His work.

We gather weekly in a small group that focuses on discipleship and leadership development. We also get together outside of our regular group times for fun activities. One of those activities is round-robin basketball in the church gym on Thursday evenings at 6:30 and Sunday afternoon after services. Whether you're good, or just starting to learn the game, you're welcome to join us for a fun time together.

Sermon Translations

The 9:30 sermon of our church is tranlated into the following langauges: Chinese, Korean, Nepalese, and Spanish. You can pick up a listening device at the Next Steps Center in our church lobby.

For more info contact our Multi-ethnic Connections Coordinator, Christina Chen

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