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Family Activity

Mystery Bag

What you need:

• Paper bag
• Blindfold
• 3-5 random objects such as sandpaper, a cotton ball, a cinnamon stick, a lime, or a tennis ball.

What you do:

Start by placing a blindfold over your child’s eyes. Ask them questions such as, "What does it feel like to not be able to see?" "What do you hear?" "What do you smell?" Then, place the paper bag in front of them with several different objects inside. Have them pull an object out of the bag. Can they guess what it is? They can smell and touch it to try and guess what it is without using their eyes. Once your child has guessed the object, have them pull out the next item. Remind your child that Jesus used His power to transform the man’s eyes so he could see!


Prayer + Blessing

Prayer: Pray together as a family for someone you know who needs to be healed.

Blessing: May the Light of the World shine upon you this week. May His healing, miraculous power transform anything in your heart or body that needs life breathed into it. He is mighty and able to do all things.

B4Kids Easter Devo

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