Creativity - Imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image.

“Lord, you are great. You are really worthy of praise. No one can completely understand how great you are.” Psalm 145:3, NIrV

This is Me, Esther  The Book of Esther



What you need: Potatoes • Decorating supplies

What you do:

  • Set the potatoes and decorating supplies in the middle.
  • Tell your child that since potatoes can become lots of different foods (fries, hash browns, tater tots, mashed potatoes), they’re going to use their creativity to make the potatoes into lots of different props.
  • As a family, make a list of the people in today’s story. For each person named, create a potato puppet for that person.
  • People for puppets could include: Esther, Mordecai, King Xerxes, Queen Vashti, Haman, messenger, girls in the contest, Jewish people praying, servants, and anyone extra you can come up with.
  • Give your child a few minutes to decorate their puppets and any necessary props for telling the story, e.g. a scepter.
  • Using the potato puppets and props, retell the story.

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