Rooted + Rooted Kids

If you want to find community at B4, Rooted is the fast track to do so! Rooted is a 10-week (plus one week for a celebration!) small group experience that allows you to connect with God, our church community, and your purpose. Whether you’ve been following Jesus for 50 years or just getting to know Him, Rooted is an opportunity to take your next step in your faith journey. It's a chance to explore God’s Word in the context of community and discover together who God is. You'll do this through storytelling, daily devotional readings, and practical application: all while building true, authentic community. Don’t miss out on a chance to connect with God, this church community, and your purpose in new and deep ways.

Our next session kicks off on Sundays starting February 9, 2020, from 3-5 pm. Rooted for Kids will also be available for 5th grade and below.

To learn more about Rooted, email us. Or, sign up for our next cohort at the links below. Rooted Kids is for the children of parents who are signing up for Rooted. Both children and their parents must be registered.

Register Yourself — Rooted for Adults

Register Your Child(ren) — Rooted for Kids

Community at B4  

We believe that God not only wants us to be connected to him, but he also wants us to be connected to each other. Genesis 2 tells us that even if we are walking in perfect harmony with God, it’s still not good if we are alone and isolated from other people.

Being in a large church, it can be hard to connect. That’s why we create unique opportunities to gather in smaller groups and spaces so that we can come to know and be known by our brothers and sisters in Christ. There are several ways we do this.


Connect Events and Groups  

Throughout the year, we host different Connect events that are designed to help you connect with God and with others. These are larger events that are usually centered around a common interest or life stage. The goal of these events is to bring people together and give them a chance to connect in a way they might not normally on a Sunday morning. These events usually include casual gathering around food and/or an activity and a group time of learning and worship. Upcoming Connect events can be found on our Events Page.

Connect groups are small groups that meet once a week for a month to study and discuss a book together. These groups are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about God in a small environment. We have new Connect Groups starting at various times throughout the year. These groups meet at different days and times throughout the week, so you can find one that fits your schedule. For information on our upcoming groups, visit our Events Page.

There are two newgroups focused on book study that are forming in January 2020, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

Our first ever Parent Connect Group also starts on Sunday mornings in January 2020.

Life Groups  

Life Groups are small groups that meet throughout our city on various nights of the week. They are almost like small churches within our church. These groups meet together for community, Bible study, and prayer. Each group is unique, but all of them are centered around knowing God and his people better. This is where you can really be known and come to know others. Some of our Life Groups are specific to a particular gender or life stage, but many are very mixed. To view a list of our open Life Groups, you can go here.

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