If you’re in need of prayer, spiritual care, or tangible needs, our staff is here for you. If you need pastoral care immediately, you can call our office at 503.644.9104, and press 4. Your call will forward to an on-call pastor. In the interest of public health, all pastoral care will be offered by phone. If you have a non-urgent need, please send us an email with: Your name, contact information (including your best phone number), and a brief description of your need. Email us here and put "I HAVE A NEED" in the subject line. 

If you have a non-urgent prayer need, we have a “virtual” prayer team that would love to pray for you. lease email your request to us.

Each week, in partnership with the Beaverton School District and several other local churches, we are feeding more than 1,400 people by delivering food boxes to their homes. If you would like to help with these efforts, you can drop donations off at our north entrance (at the back of the church) Monday through Thursday, 8:30-10:30 AM or you can give financially hereWe are unable to accept homemade, expired, or open items.

Supplies we need include the following: 

Dry beans (especially black and pinto beans) • Rice • Pasta/Pasta sauce • Corn tortillas or cornflour • Cheese • Lentils • Oatmeal • Deli Meat • Canned Chicken • Milk • Eggs • Butter • Bread • Peanut butter • Jam • Canned meat, soup, tomatoes, and other goods • Flour • Sugar • Vegetable oil • Dry lentils • Dry white beans • Dry chickpeas (garbanzos) • Cereal • Granola bars • Oranges/Clementines • Apples • Bananas • Potatoes • Nuts • Pretzels • Toilet paper • Hand sanitizer, wipes • Paper Towels

Reaching out to those closest to you is a great way to serve. NextDoor is a great app that can put you in touch with others close to you without physical contact. It's an easy way to communicate with an entire neighborhood or one-to-one. You can find the app at the link below, or wherever you get apps for your phone.

If you want to support our relief and outreach work, you can give financially here. We've established a specific compassion fund that goes directly to helping those in need who are part of our broader community.

If you have specific resources you can offer, please send us an email with: Your name, contact information (including your best phone number), and a brief description of what you can provide. Email us here and put "I CAN HELP" in the subject line.

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