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Midweek Update July 14th

Midweek Update July 14th

by on July 14, 2020

Update • July 14th

Hey B4 family and friends, 

I hope this finds you well. I know it's finding you a little earlier this week and that's actually on purpose. Unfortunately, I have to share with you that we are postponing our midweek worship gathering this week. Personally, I have found myself very conflicted during the past several days about whether we should proceed. 

When we planned this event it looked like we were trending in a more positive direction in both our state and our city. Since then circumstances have shifted. Our government has become more concerned and we now have greater restrictions in place as of Monday. When we looked at what was happening, considered our responsibilities to our city, and as we thought about who we want to be as a church, we realized that it wasn't prudent to hold the event. 

In faith, we were moving forward into a space that was a little bit grey. Even before the restrictions tightened, we were unsure about our ability to comply with the spirit of all the regulations. We've come to the decision to postpone collectively as a team and I'm confident this is the right thing to do.

During the postponement, we'll be figuring out some ways to make this happen. Maybe by limiting attendance and offering some sort of registration. That's going to take us a little time to figure out how we can do that so please be on the lookout for an update about that.

While I'm disappointed, I'm also reminding myself that when it comes to who is going to lay their life down for our city-who is going to do the most work to ensure that we're back on track in all the ways that we need to be back on track-we're going to take the lead. That's our responsibility. We will be the last ones to demand our rights if it helps our communities. 

Lastly, please continue to pray for the work of Jesus to go on throughout our city. B4 Church continues to do amazing things as a congregation, not to mention the individual stories I hear. The things I see and hear of around our church are really beautiful and amazing. So, I encourage you to keep offering faith-filled prayer for the work God's doing in and through B4. Also, keep on the lookout for what's up next for our Prayer & Worship Night. There will be more good things happening soon. That's what we're praying for! So have a good rest of your week and we will see you this Sunday.

Pastor Brad 

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