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Midweek Update July 1st

Midweek Update July 1st

by on July 01, 2020

 Update • July 1st


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Hey B4 family and friends, 

Several months ago, in one of my weekend messages, when we were meeting in person, I made reference to something I noticed in the Portland area. A lot of people try to tell us who they are by using bumper stickers. I also mentioned some of the funny bumper stickers that I saw, including one that read, “100% vegan”, and I asked how can anyone be anything other than 100% vegan? That seems like an all-inclusive statement. But, I said if that's the case, then I'm 52% vegan. Well, just a couple of weeks ago somebody anonymously sent me this awesome bumper sticker that reads, “52% vegan". 

I'm going to put this on my truck, but I'll probably get spray-painted and rocks thrown through my windows, but I just love this. So, whoever you are, you truly made me laugh. Thank you! I think we all need to laugh together during this complicated season we’re in, so I’m doubly grateful for this awesome joke.

As I thought more about the complexities of our current situation, I was reminded of an article that I wrote years ago. It’s called, Why Gray Is My Favorite Color. I was addressing the desire you and I have for something concrete. We want clear yes-or-no answers. We want to know what's right and we want to know what's wrong. We like things to be black and white.

However, when you and I get into situations like those we’re in when things seem very gray. When they're very complicated and it’s difficult to sort through all the information, the data, and the emotions we feel. These times require us to lean into our relationship with Jesus. When things seem less black and white, and grayer than ever, it causes me to have to listen, to incline my ear, and listen for the Holy Spirit's voice. 

I need the Spirit in my life, guiding, directing, and prompting me. I want to encourage you with that thought. I know this is a really complicated season for us but it is also an amazing opportunity for us to bolster our relationship with Jesus. That’s not about just increasing our knowledge of what we think is right or wrong or how things should be. It’s about really leaning into, and experiencing relationally, the gift we have in Jesus Christ. Imagine if we all do that what it will be like when we get together again.

Some of that re-gathering is already happening in our Watch Parties and Youth gatherings, for example. This weekend, our B4Kids families did a drive-through on campus to pick up their summer gift bags. It was amazing to see so many of you come to B4's campus, greeting us and one another! I think we had close to 300 kids drive through with their parents, and we got to see so many familiar faces! It was encouraging to see all of those families, and it really got our wheels turning.

So, we're working on a midweek worship night that we’re going to hold in our parking lot. Details are going to come out very soon but we want to let you know about it now. We’re going to observe appropriate physical distancing and staying within all the state guidelines—but we'll also be worshipping together! We’re working on a concert that we're going to hold also in our parking lot as well. Those should be great opportunities for us to get together. Be looking for more information on social media and in your email.

Our re-opening preparations are going well and we'll be ready to open as soon as it's safe and the county moves into the next phase of re-opening. We’ll have everything in place and working well to facilitate in-person gatherings in our buildings. We look forward to seeing you guys then, so have a great rest of your week and I'll be with you this Sunday for our next online service. See you soon

Pastor Brad 

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