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Midweek Update - May 27th

Midweek Update - May 27th

by on May 27, 2020

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Hey B4 Friends and Family, 

Cheri and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary this past Monday. Throughout those years, we've learned that marriage takes effort. It takes support, too. We've tried many different resources but the absolute best thing we've ever engaged in as a couple is The Marriage Course. B4 is offering that same course in an online form starting June 8th and 9th. We were shocked by how much our marriage grew when we did the course. If you're married and want to experience that same kind of growth, check out the course information here. I want to encourage you to sign up for The Marriage Course. We found it to be so good.

While online experiences like The Marriage Course can be great, we're being asked all the time what does reopening look like for us? The first stage of reopening is actually underway as you guys begin being around a few more people in public spaces. We're a large church and gatherings like we're used to having, with a 1000 people in the room, are still a ways off. However, we're discussing right now what does it looks like for smaller groups to begin to gather. We have small groups, community groups, and study groups that we believe could begin meeting again in some fashion in the near future.

We're going to be scheduling a couple of meetings with group leaders throughout our church to discuss and pray about what it looks like for us to begin doing this. We're asking what is prudent, what's legal, and what's loving. If you're in a group, your leaders are going to find out more details about what that looks like in the coming weeks. We'll be discussing how to make use of our entire campus, especially the parking lot as the weather improves. We're working on those details as part of our first step in reopening and re-engaging as a community of faith

We can use your help with that planning. This pandemic quarantine is changing us in a lot of ways. We want to know how you're doing. We also want to know how you're feeling and get a sense of what you think might be the best plans for our future. We have a brief survey that shouldn't take you long to fill out. Please take a moment and complete it. I would really appreciate it if you'd share your perspective with us.

The reopening of our state and the church has been in the news but so has something else that's broken my heart. The death of George Floyd is a tragedy that reminds us of this; Racism is still a very real problem. I want to be clear. As a church, we will never stand for or tolerate racism. We will do our best to fight it and undo its corrosive effects on our culture. I want you to hear that from me. My heart is aching for my non-white brothers and sisters this week. I love you, I want to care for you, and I'm praying for you.

Grace and peace to you,


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