Sanctuary Remodel Update

For more than 60 years, the mission of equipping our church family to help others meet Jesus has never changed. And it never will. But the methods we use will evolve. So we always remind ourselves that whatever changes come, they must always help us introduce people to Jesus. 

That’s why we asked an important question as we remodeled various campus facilities. How do these changes help us accomplish our mission? The answer? Our physical environment should lower barriers that keep people from coming to Jesus. And they should build bridges to a surrounding community that can feel disconnected from typical church spaces. So, we invested in updates that better reflect the lively energy of our life in Jesus. 

To ensure great ministry spaces campus-wide, we also completed upgrades to the buildings that serve our children and youth. They’re now safer, more functional, and a lot more comfortable. But the most visible remodel is now in process. Over the next four months, we’re revitalizing our main worship space. 

The renovation includes lighting, video, and sound upgrades that will ensure a more consistent worship and teaching experience for everyone. It’ll also feature a new front platform to accommodate those upgrades. One of the most exciting changes will be a new baptism tank integrated into the main platform. Water baptism services will now offer a greater sense of community for everyone involved. 

Because we value your ability to respond during worship and the teaching of God’s Word, we’re replacing our seating with new pews. These feature wider aisles with more flexible floor space for prayer and communion. We’ll also be able to configure our seating and physical space to better serve medium-sized gatherings of 500-700.

During the remodel, we'd like to ask two things from those of you who call B4 home: your prayers and your patience. A new space won't replace the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, so please continue to pray as you always have. Our goal is to have this process completed with a finished space by Easter, so please pray that everything will go according to plan. Also, please be patient with the construction, especially as it becomes more disruptive in the next few weeks.

We believe this remodel is a sound investment that will help us continue our mission to partner with you in helping our community know, love and serve Jesus. 

Continue to check back here for more updates of the new space and where we are in the process. Thank you in advance for your patience with the construction and your prayers as we work diligently to finish on time. 

Since there will be no screens in the sanctuary this Sunday we will have printed lyrics in the bulletin or for your convenience you can simply click the link below.

Worship Lyrics For January 14th


Worship team is still able to practice without having to be in the sanctuary. We're going with an acoustic set this week. 

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