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by Brent Mills on July 18, 2019

One of the things I love about this blog is the variety of perspectives shared on worship in different seasons of life. We have posts from the vantage point of a single adult, a newly married couple, and families of different sizes and ages. We all share a common need and desire to worship wholeheartedly in our lives and creative expressions. However, these expressions look different as we move through the seasons.

My contributions to this blog have been less frequent this year, as I’m experiencing a new season in my life. In addition to serving in the worship ministry at B4Church, I’ve had the opportunity to serve our staff in a broader role as one of our Executive Pastors. This has brought new challenges and opportunities to grow as a leader and support many different areas of ministry. Although I’ve had slightly less time to invest in music, I’m enjoying the journey in a new way and the relationships gained are enriching my life.

I’m taking some time this summer to reflect on the rhythms and patterns in my life, especially as they relate to the balance I have between soul care, building family relationships, and giving my best to responsibilities in vocational ministry. I recognize that my own “internal conversations” on these topics have a massive impact on the priorities I maintain and the way others interact with me.

I started by asking myself some questions:

Do I tell myself I’m stretched too thin, inadvertently making others feel uncomfortable “interrupting” my busy life? 

Am I complaining (internally or externally) about the responsibilities I carry, rather than seeing them as acts of worship to the Lord?

Jesus continually spoke to the hearts of the people He lived among, and in Luke 6:45, He addressed this issue directly, saying “Out of the good treasure of his heart the good man brings forth good, and out of evil the evil man brings forth evil. For from the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks.”

Most of the things in my life that fill my schedule are good things, and at some point in my past, they were prayer requests. I remember the day I longed to be married, have children, and be invited to serve on a ministry team. Now, many years later, I have the continued privilege to be part of those circles. Family and ministry life may have grown busier and somewhat more complex, but I cannot allow grumbling or complaining to creep into my life, simply because I feel busy managing the blessings that I asked God for and He said yes to.

I cannot allow grumbling or complaining to creep into my life, simply because I feel busy managing the blessings that I asked God for and He said yes to.

Nothing fights against a spirit of free and joyful worship in my life as much as a complaining attitude. Even if my complaints never audibly exit my mouth, they impact my thoughts. My hope and prayer is to “do everything without grumbling or arguing, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” (Phil 2:13-14)

Regardless of our seasons in life, developing a free and undivided heart of worship for Jesus takes effort. We have to continually push back the issues that surround us and compete for our attention, and we must make attitudes of grumbling and complaining our enemies, allowing them no place in our hearts and minds. Most of us know these are battles we must fight daily, but the reward for victory is great. My heart’s desire is to faithfully take care of what God has placed in front of me, while maintaining peace, balance, and relationship with Jesus along the way. 

My hope and prayer is that regardless of which season you are walking through right now, you too will find a balanced place where the presence of God, fruitful labor, and appropriate rest are being cultivated in your life. 

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