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by Lane Greenleaf-Perez on February 13, 2019

“Speak, for your servant is listening.”
1 Samuel 3:10

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way God chooses to speak to me. Sometimes I get frustrated, because I want God to speak to me the way he spoke to prophets in the Old Testament. I just want an audible voice or an angel to startle me as I go about my day and make clear what He wants me to do. 

But even in the midst of my frustration, I remember all of the incredible ways that God has spoken to me in other ways. God has given me the Holy Spirit, who is God with me, helping me to be transformed in the renewing of my mind, (Romans 12) and empowering me to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God in ways I could not do without Him (2 Cor 5).  There are inexplicable ways that it feels like God is guiding my heart. It’s not so much that I can hear His voice as much as I can feel it.

But this in and of itself is not enough for me, nor should it be. Although I’ve been claimed by Jesus and have been resurrected into a new reality with him, I still wrestle with my “flesh” (Rom 7). When I “hear” God, there are times when I hear him imperfectly, when my own agendas cloud what Jesus is trying to do in me. Don’t get me wrong. I think that people can be moved by the voice of God in a critical moment. If I crashed on a desert island with nothing but the clothes on my back, I believe God would guide me. But we aren’t on a desert island! God is able to reaffirm his voice to us in so many beautiful ways.


I have what feels like limitless free access to the Spirit-breathed word of God (2 Tim 3). What a gift. What a privilege. I am able to take the things I feel God says, the directions I feel him pushing, the convictions I feel him pressing, and see it through the lens of scripture and the life of Jesus.


God never wants us to be alone (Gen 2). He unites us and redefines family through the lens of Christ’s death (John 19) and resurrection and the ubiquitous nature of life in the Spirit (Eph 4). I can trust in the community of Christians who are also being transformed and brought closer to the likeness of Christ.

The Move of The Spirit

God enacts miracles. He does. He did it all throughout the scriptures, and although we may not always be able to witness them, He does them today. I’ve received prophetic words from people and received and witnessed miraculous healing. The Holy Spirit does some stuff that may be crazy to us, but in certain circumstances is exactly what we need. (Acts 2)

I realize that God is faithful to speak to me when I am willing to listen. Even if I don’t understand him the first time, He uses this beautiful life in the Spirit to reach me. The only thing that gets in the way of God speaking to me is whether or not I am willing to listen.

Speak Lord, your servant is listening.  

Thanks for reading, 


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