Week 1 • Peace

Using the funds generously provided through our annual B4 Advent giving, B4 Church is remodeling the West Building (the old Youth Building) to provide a central space where small relief agencies can coordinate more effectively as they serve homeless students and families throughout Beaverton. This is a unique public-private partnership between B4 Church, the Beaverton School District, a collection of smaller non-profits, and DHS to serve the more than 2400 homeless students in our community. It’s a concrete way for us to show that God loves these students and their families—that he wants more than anything to give them shalom, his peace.

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Week 2 • Hope

Fearing the possibility of sectarian violence, the national government crafted public policy designed to curb the growth of the church in Rwanda. B4 Church partnered with FMI and the national leader in Rwanda to strengthen the local church in Kigali. Going beyond meeting government demands, the Kigale church was able to also expand its apostolic program to train pastors and leaders who will serve greater Rwanda and the surrounding region.

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Week 3 • Joy

As the COVID-19 shutdown wore on, the Beaverton School District was unable to serve the needs of their students who were sheltering at home. Barnes School's modest request of B4 for help with their free lunch program soon ballooned into a region-wide ministry that collected, packed, and distributed food boxes to more than 1400 families in need. The effort included a partnership among federal and state programs, other local churches, the Beaverton School District, PDX-area food merchants, and even large companies like Tyson Foods and Sysco.To date, we're still tackling the food scarcity that plagues the greater Beaverton area.

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Week 4 • Love

When their town well broke and the failing state agencies were unable to repair it, the people of El Tamarindo in Venezuela lived without clean water for five years. In partnership with B4, Iglesia Monte de Los Olivos spearheaded a clean water project. We worked together to dig a deep-water well and build a 16,000-liter storage facility on the church property. Monte de Los Olivos now provides safe, abundant, and free water to the community in Jesus’ name.

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You can partner with B4 to continue Gospel-centered work like this in Beaverton and beyond by making a special year-end contribution to the B4 Advent fund. If you give online at the link below, simply choose 'B4 Advent." If you give by mailing in a check, please note B4 Advent on the memo line.