001 – Mind the Gap (Part 1)
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This week Pastor Brad and Pastor Alex Lessler talk about ways that we can “mind the gap” between our expectations and reality in relationships. Often our expectations do not match up with reality. Brad and Alex talk about how we can fill that gap with trust instead of suspicion, leading us to be healthier, happier people who love others well.

— Referenced Works —

Andy Stanley Trust vs. Suspicion – Choosing to Trust. A talk given to pastors about how to fill the gaps between our expectations and reality.
https://vimeo.com/250682391 –

— Recommended Reading to Dig Deeper —

Intentionally Yours – Trust or Suspicion – A short blog article focused on how this concept of trust versus suspicion can impact a marriage.

Love Does & Everybody Always – Bob Goff – Bob Goff is a person who really lives out leading with trust. Both of his works give great real life examples of what it can look like in real life to live a life full of trust and love for others. (B4)

Beautiful Resistance – Jon Tyson (B4). There are three chapters in this book that cover how we need to respond to fear with hospitality, combat contempt with honor and resist hate with love.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Peter Leconi (Amazon) . This book is a leadership parable that deals with lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.

Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell (Amazon). Malcolm Gladwell shares interesting perspectives on conflicts created because we unconsciously misinterpret cues from people we don’t know.

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