005 – Changing Your Lens: How should We View Suffering, Part 1
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This week on the podcast, Pastors Brad and Alex talk about how Christians should view suffering. The biblical view of the world (creation, fall, redemption, and creation) gives us a better way of looking at the hard things that happen in life. This allows us to be hopeful, even as we walk through difficult circumstances.

— Recommended Reading to Dig Deeper —

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – Tim Keller – Tim addresses the question of why God allows pain and suffering. This book weaves together theology, philosophy, and culture with personal narrative, making it an interesting and enlightening read.

Surprised by Suffering – R.C. Sproul – This is a classic book on suffering. It covers what a biblical view of suffering looks like for those who are walking through it. It’s also helpful for those who are walking with someone who is currently suffering.

Letters from a Skeptic – Greg Boyd – This book contains a collection of letters from a believing son to his Atheist father. It includes several sections on why God allows evil and why there is pain and suffering.

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