009 – For the Freedom Fighters (Romans: A Life of Faith)
Smitchell   -  

Paul uses the word slavery 15 times through 23 verses of chapter six, and most often he’s referring to sin. When he tells his readers that they are free from sin, the word he uses means “not a slave.” Literally. It seems like he’s trying to tell us all something: living in freedom is an essential tenet of the Gospel. Free from sin and death, we are bound to something life-giving: the rightness of God’s remade Creation (“righteousness”).

However, Christians still sin and the die. Even Peter sinned (Galatians 2:11-21). So is freedom from sin, and living into Gospel freedom, a gift that some have and others don’t? Or is it a hard-won skill? Perhaps it’s a little of both as this message unpacks chapter six, helping us see how we’re invited to live freely within God’s shalom.