014 – “From, In, and For” (Romans: A Life of Faith)
Smitchell   -  

Pastor Brad, unpacks the implications of Romans 12:1-2 in this stirring message, beginning with a question: What does it really mean to be a Christian? If Jesus is who the Gospels depict him to be, then that’s a really important question. Paul thought so, and he spends 11 chapters of his letter to the Romans explaining the Christian Gospel, theologically, philosophically, and historically.

He spends that time because he doesn’t want Jesus’ way reduced to a list of rules and religious obligations. However, when he finally does turn his attention to what life in  Christ looks like, he sums it up in a couple of verses, simple and profound. He doesn’t lecture from afar, but invites us to join him in a radically different way to be human where we share in a vibrant life that is from God, in us, and for us.