015 – “We Are One” (Romans: A Life of Faith)
Smitchell   -  

Paul specifies how Christians should live within a vibrant faith community. His main areas of focus?  Faith, unity, and a clear sense of self. Paul is adamant that we all are part of an organic whole, which he describes as Christ’s body. That body has one head, the Lord Jesus, but many members — all with a unique part to play. Every member is also graced with gifts that help them in their role, gifts designed to benefit the whole.

However, the key to all of it is faith. As we trust God, we grow in our intimacy with him. As we draw closer, we discover more about who we’re meant to be within his church, and how we’re equipped to serve others with what are called spiritual gifts. Paul also encourages us to maintain a sober estimation of our worth throughout, neither thinking to highly or too lowly about ourselves.