A People in a Place, Week 9 “Paradox, Power, and the Cruciform Life”
Smitchell   -  

This week, we continue our study in the book of Corinthians. We looks at several passages that have a counterintuitive message. Paul points out to the church in Corinth that Jesus’ crucifixion, a moment of scandal and extreme weakness in the eyes of the world, is our greatest strength and the core of the Gospel. Like Jesus, we are called to live sacrificial lives and constantly deny ourselves, embracing our weaknesses, and rooted our identity in Jesus alone. This has life-changing implications for each and every follower of Christ.

Note: This message is indebted to the work of scholars like Jürgen Moltmann and Michael J. Gorman, among others, who have made significant contributions to a view of Christian spirituality centered on the Cross.