A People of…Love
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We know love when we see it in action. We know when we feel it, but still, love is notoriously difficult to define precisely. That difficulty is compounded when we consider the love of God. How can a good and all-powerful God, who supposedly loves us and the world we live in (John 3:16), allow the evil and suffering we see?

This message does not shy away from these kinds of hard questions, nor does the series. In fact, this message meets the tough questions head on. And, we find, that in spite of persistent skepticism within our broken world, it is still possible to experience God’s love. It’s also possible to share it. Therein lay the mystery of being a People of Love. We can know the Love of God, be changed by it, and love others the way God has loved us. As Christians, we strive to do all of this in unexpected and beautiful ways within a hurting world. And maybe that’s the whole point of God’s love after all.