A People of…the Kingdom of Heaven
Smitchell   -  

In this first message of the series, we look at an idea that dominated Jesus’ preaching: the Kingdom of Heaven has come! Upon hearing that, we might ask, “What kingdom, and what does it mean to be a people of that Kingdom?” As we dig deeper, we see that Jesus taught about his Kingdom as unlike any on earth, because it’s not of Earth. It’s of Heaven.

And if we follow King Jesus, we are citizens of his Kingdom of Heaven. Which means that we live as a people of love during a time stained by hatred. We live as a people of peace in an era of constant war. We live as a people of righteous power in a time when authority over others is abused. We live as a people of justice amidst persistent injustice. We live as a people who are free during mask mandates, restrictions, and political oppression. And finally, we live as a people of truth during a time when misinformation and propaganda dominate public discourse.