Easter: A Place Called Home
Smitchell   -  

In John 14, Jesus tells us that he will make a home where a godly people can live with their just and loving God. However, there’s a problem: sin and the injustice it breeds. We cannot live in a just and loving space with God while sin persists. The story of Easter is about addressing this problem, the solution to which includes the narrative of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The tale is familiar to most people within Western Culture. However, while the point of the story is clear to those inside the church, people outside of Christianity often ask, “Why did Jesus have to die? It’s gruesome. Why doesn’t God just forgive-and-forget?” Good questions!

The Christian story takes injustice seriously, and teaches that things need to be made right if we are to live within a just and loving society. Most people get that idea at a gut level. However, cities shattered by war don’t rebuild themselves. Lives torn apart by betrayal don’t heal without support. There’s a cost born by someone if anyone wants to rebuild, restore, and renew. When we’re talking about the whole world, that cost was born by Jesus. He paid the ransom for our deliverance from the sin, brokenness, and injustice bred by evil. He went to the Cross to do that for us.