HumanKind Week 10: “Generous Forgiveness”
Smitchell   -  

Friends of a paralytic man break through the roof of a home where Jesus is teaching. The house is so crowded that they could think of no other way to get the man in front of Jesus, so they lowered him through a hole in the roof. They want their friend healed and they believe Jesus can do it. Biblical stories like this become so familiar that they often feel sterilized, and we lose our sense for how shocking and disruptive they are.

However, Mark 2 has a lot of surprises embedded in the responses of three groups of people as Jesus engages the paralyzed man: 1) the friends of the paralytic, 2) the readers of the story, and 3) the religious leaders of the people. Jesus knows exactly what each group needs, and it comes as a shocking surprise to each when he offers it to them. Motivated only by his love and sense of mission, Jesus offers grace, restoration, and an invitation to walk with him as a faithful friend. Before we even ask, Jesus declares that he forgives our sin. It’s a costly statement paid in full at the Cross. And we see just how far God will go to heal us by making possible a vital, trusting, and loving relationship with Jesus