HumanKind Week 11: “Pool of Siloam”
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Do we see God as he truly is? Or, have layers of tradition, skewed values, or religious bondage distorted our sight? Jesus came so we could see exactly what God looked like when he was among us. And, in John chapter nine, he show us something at the Pool of Siloam that had never been seen before, something Isaiah predicted Messiah would do. He miraculously restores the sight of a man born blind.

This leads to all kinds of interesting questions, from people within the narrative and from us as we read the story. At the center of these questions is the man who was born blind. As he is pummeled by his inquisitors, he finally declares, “… I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” In this message, we ask God to make our view of him true of him, and make our ways his ways.