Leviticus, Week 11 “When God Cut A Deal”
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As we’ve seen, this series is about a God who is unlike any other gods and a people who are unlike any other people. In the past weeks, we have focused more on the former, on God. This week, we get into Leviticus 17- 20 which shifts focus to people who are unlike any other people. God teaches the Hebrew people to be different than their neighboring nations, with a distinct culture and different behaviors.

However, they struggle to meet those standards, to be a truly different kind of people in right relationship with God. Rather than place the burden on them for their transformation, God takes on this responsibility. He “cuts a deal”, making a covenant with humanity through Abraham that God himself will bridge the gap of our broken relationship. Eventually, God makes a new and eternal covenant through Jesus, one that offers all people God’s love and grace. Those who receive God’s grace can then share his love, walk in freedom, and love their neighbors—becoming people who are unlike any other kind of people.