Leviticus, Week 15 “Shine Like Stars
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This week we have the opportunity to be captivated by the glory of a God who is searching for us like a lamp in the darkness. We encounter the glory of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the continuing work of Jesus in our lives. The Bible teaches this by using the metaphor of light. We first learn about how the priests were instructed in Leviticus 24 to tend the lamp stand by filling its cups with “clear oil” and trimming the wicks. It was their job to keep the fire burning.

This mirrors what life should be like as Jesus followers. We should be filled with the “oil” of the Spirit so our lives burn bright with the light of God’s Presence. Each of us are uniquely made to shine like stars, bringing light and life into the dark places of the world. And the Holy Spirit is the power source for you living life to the fullest.