Leviticus, Week 16 “This is Just the Womb”
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In Leviticus chapter 25, God gives the Israelites two very special commands. First, he tells them that just like the seventh day of each week is to be a Sabbath, a day of rest, every seventh year they are to take a whole year of rest. Additionally, every 50 years is to be a super-Sabbath, a year of Jubilee where debts are to be repaid, slaves are to be set free, and land is to be returned to its original owner.

Pastor Brad shows us that this year of Jubilee was not just a command God gave to the Israelite people. It was also a symbol of what God is going to do in the future. Jesus’ second coming will be like a year of Jubilee where everything will be set right and justice will be restored. This gives us hope as we eagerly await the coming of this Jubilee.