Leviticus, Week 17 “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright”
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This week we look at God’s promises in Leviticus 26, where he tells his people of all the good things they can expect if they follow his laws and keep his commandments. However, we know that bad things sometimes happen to good people who faithfully follow God. That observation raises questions about the validity of God’s promises. Are they a guarantee of the good life, full of comfort and material blessings?

Pastor Brad answers that question by showing us why we need to look at all of God’s promises in the context of the whole Bible. This helps us understand what God is saying to a specific group of people at a specific moment in time. We can then ask how those promises might apply to us, or not. The one promise we can always count on though is God’s Presence with us. We get to “walk with him” in a totally natural way that touches all aspects of our lives.

Pastor Brad also reminds us to let the Lord carry us during that walk when we encounter difficulties. Everything we go through will be used for good (Romans 8:28). In fact, we can rejoice in our troubles, trusting that walking closely with the Lord will ultimately bring us life and healing.