Leviticus, Week 18 “Disobedience and Mercy”
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Last week’s message focused on the promises of prosperity and success that God made to Israel if they would follow his commands and remain obedient to Him. This week, Pastor Lane examines the promises of punishment and devastation that God made to Israel if they failed to be faithful to him. While God ensures the Israelites that there will be consequences for their disobedience, he also says from the start that he will remain faithful to his promises even if they fail. All they need to do is return to him.

While these exact promises may not apply to us personally or as a nation, Pastor Lane demonstrates how these passages apply to our lives today. God is just as faithful to us in the midst of our unfaithfulness as He was to Israel. He also shows that, like with the nation of Israel, God wants us to obey him, not out of fear of consequences or punishment, but because we love him.