Leviticus, Week 4 “Guilt, Sin, and Shame”
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Leviticus shows us how this wholly different God, who names Himself Yahweh, moves toward his people, the Israelites. They have just been freed after hundreds of years of captivity in Egypt, and now they must become a nation in their own right—living in a wholly integrated harmony with Him and one another. However the Israelites were accustomed to Egyptian ways, and used to interacting with God through sacrifice, so Yahweh uses that language, if you will, to speak to them about who he is. Chapters four and five stipulate the sacrifices required to cleanse them of guilt and shame when they sin. Pastor Brad explains that the sacrifices Yahweh requires actually point to a greater sacrifice, His Son on the Cross. They also point to a day when God’s people will live in peace with each other and with him!