Leviticus, Week 5 “Ordinarily Extraordinary”
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This week in Leviticus, Moses anoints Aaron and his sons as priests in a public ceremony before the entire congregation of Israel. It’s a surreal scene that involves a public bath, bloody animal sacrifice, and exotic blood-spattered clothing. Could it feel more foreign and gross?

However, what this mysterious and ancient rite signifies is that God has revealed his holiness to all people — that an extraordinary priesthood is made up of ordinary people. What was true of them is still true of us today. We, ordinary people, are invited into Jesus’ royal priesthood. When He anoints our ears with His word, our hands with His compassionate power, and our feet with His mission, we are equipped to carry on His work. We “priests” get to share the Good News that Jesus was sacrificed for us, and is alive. He gave His life so our lives might be free of sin and death. As a result, we are a significant, supernaturally, and empowered people. We are extraordinarily ordinary priests.