Waypoints, Week Four: A Lifetime of…Bread
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In this week’s sermon, we examine one of the most well known of Jesus’ miracles: the feeding of the 5,000. Jesus has this huge crowd following him. As the day wanes while he teaches, he asks his disciples how they plan to feed the crowd. They’re not sure. So, Jesus miraculously provides enough food for all. Not only is everyone fed, but there are also abundant leftovers. The people are so impressed by this miracle, they decide they want to make him king. Jesus responds by first withdrawing and then by giving difficult teaching. He says that they’re following him for the wrong reasons. They are concerned about what Jesus can do for them. That’s not why Jesus came. He came to do something in them, to give them life to the full. He’s not just going to continue to fill their bellies. Many in the crowd and even some of his disciples decide to turn away and no longer follow him.