060 – Living in the Tension of Grace and Truth
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As they continue their conversation on grace, Alex and Ashleigh talk more about what it looks like to hold grace and truth in tension. They examine some current cultural examples and give some practical advice for what it looks like to respond to people instead of reacting in unhealthy ways.

— Resources to Dig Deeper —
Sacred Fire by Ronold Rolheiser. The second book in a three book series, Sacred Fire looks at walking out discipleship throughout life. amzn.to/3a2sOCJ

Brene Brown does a great job defining and explaining empathy in this short video. bit.ly/3s92aP4

Matthew 7:1-4

I Think Your Wrong (But I’m Listening) by Sarah Stewart Holland, Beth A. Silvers as well as their podcast Pantsuit Politics. While their book and podcast focus mainly on politics, their methods for having conversations across the divide work on many levels. https://amzn.to/2OHAOlm https://bit.ly/3wLIcgE

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