Who We are

We are followers of Jesus, partnering with God in the renewal of all things.




Most of us sense that the world is not what it should be. We see the brokenness in an otherwise beautiful creation. This broken beauty extends to each of us, revealing a gap between the life we long for and the one we are living. Jesus bridges that gap, restoring the relationship between our broken humanity and a loving God. This simple truth is the Good News, the Gospel, and it centers on Jesus’ teachings, death, and resurrection.

Jesus creates a new narrative for us and invites us to live within it. At the heart of this invitation is a revolutionary promise: God commits himself to love us, all of us. When we believe that, something called “faith” is born inside of us. We experience God’s grace. We turn away from brokenness, especially our own. We begin to reconnect with God, with others, with ourselves, with our environment, and with every aspect of our culture in a fresh and powerful way. That’s why we say, “Grace changes everything.”


Simply put, it is God loving us unconditionally. That idea can be hard to grasp, which is why God sent Jesus. As we learn about who he is and what he’s done for us, we begin to experience his grace, and we see an example of how we can offer it to others. This can best be done in a community that embraces Jesus and his Gospel of grace, which is why we continually invite others to follow him with us.


We focus on four simple commitments that organize our values and inform our priorities. They give direction to who we are and what we do as a church.

We craft experiences where people can BEHOLD the God who loves them. We make space for people to BELONG in gospel-centered community. We provide resources and tools for people to BE who God created them to be. We empower people to live BEYOND themselves and engage in the mission of God.


We craft well-planned, excellent, spirit-filled and genuine experiences where people can encounter God. We do this through engaging worship, honest prayer, biblical teaching, and compassionate outreach. We are sensitive to the ‘outsider’ while challenging the ‘insider’.


We help people connect with each other in a variety of settings, experiencing the kind of loving, supportive relationships that God intended for them. Whether in a group, a class, or a service project, we contend for relationships that are far more trusting, transparent, honest, and loving because of how the gospel changes our hearts and identities. It’s more than friendship, it’s what we call “Gospel Community” and collectively, it creates a contrast community which people are naturally drawn to.

3. BE

We invite everyone to nurture a deep, and vital faith in God that embraces Jesus’ teaching and the example of his life. It starts with a God-given desire that creatively refines the way someone lives their life. We provide resources, tools, and opportunities that will allow faith to play a crucial role in how they work, how they play, how they express themselves creatively, and how they interact with one another relationally. We accomplish this by providing practical tools, seminars, and helpful resources in a variety of intentional settings and accessible formats.


We help people find their place of participation in the Mission of God by helping them discover their unique calling and design, engaging them with opportunities to use their gifts and abilities, and by offering coaching and training to maximize their influence and impact.


We encourage people to encounter God, so we value:

  • Authenticity and excellence in worship
  • Hospitable and inspiring environments
  • Expressing creativity, freedom, and joy
  • Clear biblical teaching

We help people experience Gospel-centered community, so we value:

  • The diverse contributions of all cultures
  • Vulnerable, loving relationships
  • Honoring hard questions from skeptics
  • God’s grace, given and received

We help one another follow Jesus, so we value:

  • Practical, easy-to-use resources
  • Supportive, interactive gatherings
  • Prayer for, and with, one another
  • Skilled and loving pastoral leadership

We embrace our mission for the city, so we value:

  • The renewal of all things, seeing God’s goodness happen on Earth
  • An uncommon passion for the common good
  • Sharing our resources, talents, and gifts with our community
  • Fostering honest dialog about Jesus