Announcing our new Lead Pastor at B4Church,
Bo Stern-Brady!

We would love for you to join us this Sunday, March 10th, at both the 9 & 11 am for her Installment Service!

B4 Update From Pastor Bo

Dear B4 Family,

I love this time of year in Oregon, when it feels like the whole world is ready to burst into color and fragrance and life.  I feel the same sense of anticipation and joy as I look at the garden that is B4Church.  I stepped into this role with hopes and dreams, but not knowing what to expect.  On this, day 75 as your lead pastor, I can say I am more in love with the people and the  purposes of Jesus for this church than I could have imagined when I stepped into this adventure.

Here are a few things that I’m excited about right now:

  • We are in a series on Ephesians which will roll through the summer. It has been so fun to study and build messages around Paul’s heart for Jesus’ church.   I know that the Holy Spirit is going to speak clearly to us as we dig into this beautiful text. We’ve created a deep-dive resource for you here.
  • I’ll be doing most of the speaking this summer, but we’ll also welcome back Randy Remington (August 4), Steve Mickel (August 25) and our friend, the lead pastor at Eugene Faith Center,  Russell Joyce (June 30).
  • The Generations team has been pouring their time, prayer and talent into our summer camps and you, dear church, have stepped up to give so that every kid has a chance to attend. Even as I write this, I feel overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for the way you have circled the wagons around under-resourced families to ensure their kids have this opportunity to meet with Jesus and experience His great love.
  • We are launching the B4 Welcome Party for all those new to our church on _________.  This is going to be a fun time of connecting and learning about what it looks like to be part of our B4 family. The Welcome Party will become a regular event as we welcome new people with joy.

I could go on and on about events here at B4, but the thing I’m most excited about isn’t an event, it’s a feeling.  Every Sunday I come to this building with one thought simmering in my mind, like a teapot just about to whistle:  What is the Holy Spirit going to do here today?  I see and feel God moving here, within us and through us in such beautiful ways that sometimes I can’t sleep on Saturday nights as I anticipate what might happen when we come together to worship and hear from Him. The four words that form our “why” are: Hope, Healing, Freedom & Flourishing.  Our good Father is showing up every week, in worship, through the word and especially around the altars afterwards, as the God who saves, heals, delivers and abundantly blesses.  Our staff members share the stories of life change each week and we are living on the edge of our seats as He leads us into the beauty He has for us.

So that’s it from me except to say: I am so thankful for you, B4.  I am honored to serve Jesus with you and ready to welcome all He wants to do in us and through us.

With hope,

Pastor Bo

"I am so honored to lead B4Church in this next season.  Together, we will joyfully proclaim the name and follow the way of Jesus, which leads to hope, healing freedom and flourishing!"
- Pastor Bo Stern-Brady


This past Sunday, March 3rd, District Supervisor, Steve Mickel, announced that Bo Stern-Brady is our new Lead Pastor! Since mid-2023, Pastor Bo has served as the interim transitional lead at B4Church.

“From the beginning of our search for a new pastor, we committed ourselves to a Spirit-led discernment process. As we discovered that each candidate in turn was not God’s choice, the parallels with King David’s selection in 1 Samuel 16 became apparent,” said Steve Mickel, Foursquare Northwest District Supervisor. “Ultimately, God showed us that the shepherd we searched for was not lined up with the other candidates, but was here all along in the field tending to the flock.”

Pastor Bo also brings a wealth of leadership experience and a deep passion for ministry to her new role at B4Church. Throughout her time in ministry, she has been a sought-after speaker and writer. She is the creator of Soulspace, a Christian devotional app. She’s authored three books that focus on growth through suffering, a message developed in the trenches of her husband’s four-year battle with ALS. Her story and writing have been featured in countless media outlets worldwide, including Huffington Post, Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, and CNN.  Bo served at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon, as a teaching pastor for twenty years before marrying the second love of her life, Cliff, and moving to Beaverton in 2019. 

As an accomplished speaker, author, and pastor, she has touched countless lives with her sustaining message of God’s faithful love through the most trying times. Her humble leadership style, richly biblical teaching, and genuine compassion for others make her an ideal fit to lead B4Church into a vibrant future.

“I am honored and humbled to serve the B4 staff and church as Lead Pastor,” said Pastor Bo. “I am deeply committed to serving this community with dedication, authenticity, and love. Together, we will continue cultivating a church that invites people to fully embrace God’s love, grace, and power revealed in Jesus Christ. The one who always transforms lives.”

Throughout her career, Pastor Bo has demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering healthy communities where anyone seeking to follow Jesus can find support and grow spiritually. Her hope for B4Church includes creating meaningful opportunities for worship, belonging and service, empowering the B4Church community to grow in faith and serve the greater Portland Westside.

“Our denominational and national leadership is thrilled to appoint Bo Stern-Brady as the new Lead Pastor,” said Steve Mickel. “Her vision for ministry, authentically humble, collaborative approach to leadership, and deeply rooted faith will undoubtedly inspire the church to new heights.”

Pastor Bo’s formal installation service will be held this Sunday, March 10th, during both services. Our staff eagerly anticipates serving together with our congregation during an exciting new chapter of B4Church’s story under her guidance and leadership.

Pastor Bo with her husband, Cliff.

The whole family at Josiah (Bo's son) and Morgan's wedding.



Bo’s theology gets wonderfully practical as readers discover what God does for them and through them during “battles” they are engaged in. Ruthless helps readers to see God’s character in those battles and understand how He ruthlessly fights for them.

What are you supposed to do when the holidays hurt? Divorce. Financial stress. Chronic illness. Losing a loved one. Experiencing any of these situations during the year is difficult. But the holiday season, once joyful and happy, can heighten this pain. When Holidays Hurt, written by Bo Stern-Brady, will help you find hidden hope amid your pain and loss–even when it feels impossible.

Bo Stern-Brady realizes life is full of fierce and unexpected battles. When her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she knew she had found her Goliath. With winsome sincerity, Bo points readers to the battle plans available to us in Scripture―and to our God, who brings beauty from the struggles we face.