Everyone needs a place to belong. That's why we have a variety of groups here at B4. Some are long term groups meeting throughout the year, and others meet for a shorter, set period of time. Either way, we're passionate about helping you find a place to connect with others.


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of courses here at B4 to help you be who God has created you to be. These courses are designed to help people zoom in on specific topics that they're interested in or that have a large impact on their life. Wherever you are starting from, courses can help you learn and grow in your journey with God.


As followers of Jesus, God asks us to think beyond ourselves. That's why serving is so important. Whether it's serving within our church or out in our community, our goal is to help you find and develop the unique gifts, passions, and abilities that God has gifted you with so you can use them to be his hands and feet in our world.


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