Lead Pastor

Brad + Cheri Williams

Brad and his wife Cheri have served together in ministry since they married in 1996. After a few years of serving as an executive pastor and college pastor, Brad and Cheri moved to Spokane to plant their first church. This was followed by a move to New York City where they trained under the leadership of Tim Keller at the Redeemer Church Planting Center, before ultimately planting a church in Brooklyn. The Lord eventually called them back to their Northwest roots and for the last nine years, Brad has served as Lead Pastor of Summit Church in Spokane. During that time, Summit has grown from an average weekly attendance of 250 to more than 2800.

Brad and Cheri have a passion for church planting and have worked together over the past decade training hundreds of church planters around the U.S. In addition to leading Summit, Brad serves as the Executive Director of Foursquare Multiply West Coast, an innovative church-planting initiative. Cheri partners with Brad, investing her time coaching church planters. When she’s not ministering, she’s running her own business brokerage firm. No stranger to the Northwest, she is a Glencoe High School graduate and was a part of the Beaverton family during high school and college. Married for 23 years, they have three daughters and one son-in-law, all of whom are passionate about serving Jesus and His Kingdom. Brad and Cheri love outdoor sports, anything near water, and eating great food. They consider themselves truly blessed to call the Pacific Northwest home.

Executive Office

Brad Williams

Lead Pastor

Missy Barnes

Executive Pastor

Madalyn Salz

Executive Team Lead + Residency Coordinator


Laura Beavis

B4Kids Director

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Elementary Coordinator

Carrie Koster

Babies - Preschool + Family Lead

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B4 Kids Outreach Coordinator

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B4 Kids Assistant of Operations + First Impressions

Launa Jeffery

Family Ministry Coordinator

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Resource Assistant

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B4Kids Resident

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Babies - 2-Year Olds Coordinator

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4th-5th Grade + Outreach Lead


Lane Greenleaf-Perez

Youth + Young Adults Director

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High School Pastor

David Beavis

Middle School Pastor

Jessica DeBolt

Youth + Young Adults Coordinator

TJ Clements

Youth + Young Adults Summer Staff

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Youth Worship Coordinator

Adult Ministry

Alex Lessler

Adult Ministry Director

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Resource Coordinator

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Community Groups + Culture Lead

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Marriage Ministry Lead

Jamie Lilley

Community Groups + Alpha Lead

Jim Pope

Prime Timers Ministry

Kayla Miller

Volunteer + Connections Coordinator

Kisan Mizer

Bhutanese Fellowship

Krissy Hires

Adult Ministry Team Lead

Larry White

Community Groups + Men's Lead

Vikki Dueker

Front Office + Adult Ministry Admin

Local + Global Missions

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Missions Resident

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Missions Pastor

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B4 Chaplaincy


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Graphic Designer


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Creative Director

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Worship Lead

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Director at Large

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Experience Ministries

Kimberly Pasley

Experience Director

Noel Wood

Experience Coordinator

Seth Barnes

Food Service

Finance + HR

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Finance + HR Director

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HR Lead and Finance Support

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Brent Mills

Logistics Director

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Custodial Lead

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Summer Maintenance Assistant

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Maintenance Assistant

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Maintenance + Construction Lead

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