When are kids services offered?

B4 Kids serves kids birth-5th grade on Sundays at 9am and 11am.


What will my child experience while attending B4 Kids?

Kids in Preschool and above will have time to play, do fun activities, worship, and hear a Bible story. Babies-2’s will play and be cared for according to their needs.


How do I check in my child?

Kids may check into B4 Kids as early as 20 minutes before service begins. Upon entering the building, the parent or guardian will be invited to type in their phone number on our check-in screen to receive 3 tags for their child. 1 tag should be placed on the child, 1 tag is given to the group leader upon arriving in the child’s designated area, and 1 tag is kept by the parent or guardian for pick-up. 


Do I have to pre-register my child?

If your child has attended B4 Kids before, you can just show up! If your child has never attended, feel free to pre-register them on our New Family Connect Form so that their information is in our system when you arrive.  


Are masks required in B4 Kids?

Masks are not required.


What happens if my child becomes ill while checked into B4 Kids?

If a child develops a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, or displays other symptoms of illness, we will care for the child in a space separate from the other children until the parent arrives to pick up the child.