042 – Brad Chat on Sister Churches
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On this week’s episode of the podcast, Alex and Ashleigh ask Pastor Brad about his heart for church planting and how B4 is partnering with other churches in our city to spread the gospel.

— Resources to Dig Deeper —
Radical (https://t.ly/lSZs), Follow Me (https://amzn.to/3shPCVL), and Counter Culture (https://t.ly/dR2N) by David Platt and Multiply (https://t.ly/qm49) and Letters to the Church (https://t.ly/lFls) by Francis Chan are all really great places to start if you want to understand the heart behind church planting.

Foursquare Multiply (West Coast): The church planting division of the Foursquare denomination. They have a resource page that includes videos and more books if you are interested. (https://t.ly/bg7R)

For more on planting churches: Center Church (https://bit.ly/3bA0uI9) by Tim Keller. This is an academic text that if you want to go deep into this world. Tim works in NYC and runs the Redeemer City to City (https://t.ly/WRF4) program

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