B4 has always had a generous heart for our city and world. Each year we rally around specific projects to continue this work. For the City weekend (September 17th) will highlight the unique opportunities we have as a community. We will hear stories of impact and receive encouragement to dive into the work of Jesus through the initiative.

WATER - Provide clean water to save lives and show the love of Jesus within communities suffering from water poverty

EDUCATION - Increase access to Christ-centered education for at-risk children in vulnerable communities around the world.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS - Alleviate poverty by addressing its root causes, namely displaced communities and under-served families in the Beaverton School District.

For the City is a rallying cry that calls Jesus’ church to engage in meaningful service to its neighbors. The end result? We let our light shine before others in obedience to Jesus’ teaching:

“Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:15-16

“Loving your neighbor is being the aroma of home to those around you.”
– Nikku Mansouri

“Loving your neighbor is treating anyone you meet like a son or daughter of God. Being willing to move towards them and meet their need like you would for a family member.”
– Weber Salz

“Always be in the ‘classroom of learning’….that way we will know better how to help the person GOD puts on our heart.”
– Tobie Hatfield

Impact Water.

Unsafe water is responsible for 1.2 million deaths each year, the majority of which are among children. 6% of deaths in low-income countries are the result of unsafe water sources. One-in-four people do not have access to safe drinking water. Childhood diarrhoea is closely associated with insufficient water supply, inadequate sanitation, water contaminated with communicable disease agents, and poor hygiene practices (United Nations)

$10,000 with our partners around the globe digs one well. We would love to raise another $50,000 to dig 5 more wells this next year in Africa and South America.

Impact Education.

Christian education has been a proven nation-changer around the world. When young people are educated and learn to love Jesus, they lift entire communities out of generational poverty and the dehumanization of the lowest classes. Jesus’ righteousness lives and breathes in the lives of those freed from cultural objectification. They influence those around them – especially other young people.

Every year we need to raise money to support and sustain the kids at our partner schools around the world. $40 a month support one child ($480 educates a kid for a year). Our goal is to continue to support 635 kids through their Christian education so that they can graduate and get jobs one day.

Impact Our Community.

The City of Beaverton identified access to affordable after-school education, enrichment and care to be a top priority for lower income residents. Many low-income adults have to choose between employment and safety for their latchkey children, preventing them from providing adequately for their families.

This year our goal is to fund the After School Program to be fully sustainable, for 2 Schools for 4 Days. That’s 80 kids in the program, cared for Mon-Thurs in what the Mayor of the Beaverton said was a critical time in the life of family. 2:30 – 5pm – parents have to choose between supporting their household financially or leaving their kids in an unsupervised environment. This is a huge felt need in our community. $100 per kid per month is relatively inexpensive and highly affective.

For The City Initiative Team

David Queralez, Fabi Colmenarez, Hannah Diaz, & Mark Nicklas