Real Life, Real Responsibility, and Real Community for Emerging Leaders.


The Residency at B4 prepares recent college graduates for ministry leadership. Residents develop skills related to pastoral care, team leadership, and operations. They’ll also focus on cultivating spiritual and emotional health, in tandem with a professional development program.



  • Program starts September 2021, ends August 2022
    (11 month residency)
  • Paid Full time (40 hours a week)
  • Benefits: medical and dental insurance
  • Option to live at on-campus residency house
    for a reduced rate rent


  • Love for Jesus and a passion for church ministry
  • Bachelor’s degree or Bible Certificate
  • Six months of regular attendance at your church
  • Applicable volunteer or staff experience
  • Ability to relocate to Beaverton
  • Pass B4’s background check



Continuing Education:

  •  Monthly seminars on various topics
  • Assigned reading on seminar topics
  • Ministry coaching from seasoned mentors
  • Participate in cohort model learning + fellowship

Spiritual Formation:

  • Corporate worship services, including monthly
    worship + prayer nights
  • Spiritual formation + practice, helping residents integrate all aspects of their lives
  • Weekly staff prayer times 
  • Oregon Coast staff retreat in September

Requirements and Applications

Residents Serve within One of the Following Tracks:

  • Worship
  • Kids
  • Outreach + Missions
  • Design + Experience
  • Youth + Young Adults
  • Production
  • Communications

Each Resident Is Also Required to:

  • Attend weekly services at B4
  • Take part in ministry practicums
  • Complete required readings and take part in Residency seminars

2021-2022 Application Timeline

  • 2/1/21 applications open
  • 3/31/21 applications close
  • 4/1-5/27/21 interviews
  • 5/31/21 decisions made on hires

How to Apply

  1. Click here and fill out the form
  2. Send your resume and cover letter to


"I've been able to engage in unforgettable hands-on experiences with my team, as we produce online church services every week. In a year full of uncertainties and despair, the B4 Residency has been my light at the end of the tunnel, giving me the chance to grow further in my faith and engage deeper with my B4 community. "
— Byron


Interested in more information? Fill out your contact info below and include any questions. We'll be in touch soon! You can also email us at

"The residency is a perfect transition out of college into serving in full-time ministry. Right away, I was given a great amount of responsibility, while being continuously supported and empowered by other staff members and my fellow residents. I am incredibly thankful for the hands-on and stretching experiences I have had thus far as a part of B4!"
— Bethany W.

Learn More About B4

Check out our recent vision series book.



We focus on four simple commitments that organize our values and inform our priorities. They give direction to who we are and what we do as a church.

We craft experiences where people can BEHOLD the God who loves them. We make space for people to BELONG in gospel-centered community. We provide resources and tools for people to BE who God created them to be. We empower people to live BEYOND themselves and engage in the mission of God.


We craft excellent, spirit-filled, and genuine ministry experiences where anyone can encounter God. We do this through engaging worship, honest prayer, insightful Bible teaching, and compassionate outreach. We recognize that people respond differently as they experience Jesus. That’s why we always strive to be sensitive to the outsider while challenging the insider.


God’s love motivates us to work hard at connecting with our community and one another in various settings, like a group, a class, or a service project. We want people to experience the relationships that God intends for them, so we pursue a depth of connection that is more trusting, transparent, honest, and loving. It’s more than friendship. It’s what we call “Gospel Community.” It creates a beautiful and contrasting view of humanity. That’s good news for a world aching to experience a reality where people love one another across the boundaries of language, culture, and ethnicity.

3. BE

We invite everyone to nurture a vital faith in God. We want people to embrace Jesus’ teaching and the example of his life. It starts with a God-given desire that creatively refines the way someone lives their life.. Our goal is to provide well-crafted resources designed to help in this refining work. We encourage people to embrace faith’s crucial role in their work, play, and the expression of their creativity. Additionally, we make sure our practical tools and relevant teaching are accessible, applicable, and straightforward.


We inspire everyone to dream beyond the limitations that might hold them back from fully participating in God’s mission of Gospel renewal. Along the way, we help them discover their unique place within that effort by providing outreach opportunities where they can develop their God-given gifts and abilities. We also offer coaching and training that hones their character and deepens their influence. However, this is about more than individual potential. It’s about a whole community of faith, discovering its unique and collective contribution to God’s mission in their city.


We encourage people to encounter God, so we value:

  • Authenticity and excellence in worship
  • Hospitable and inspiring environments
  • Expressing creativity, freedom, and joy
  • Clear biblical teaching

We help people experience Gospel-centered community, so we value:

  • The diverse contributions of all cultures
  • Vulnerable, loving relationships
  • Honoring hard questions from skeptics
  • God’s grace, given and received

We help one another follow Jesus, so we value:

  • Practical, easy-to-use resources
  • Supportive, interactive gatherings
  • Prayer for, and with, one another
  • Skilled and loving pastoral leadership

We embrace our mission for the city, so we value:

  • The renewal of all things, seeing God’s goodness happen on Earth
  • An uncommon passion for the common good
  • Sharing our resources, talents, and gifts with our community
  • Fostering honest dialog about Jesus


Brad has served as Lead Pastor of Summit Church in Spokane. During that time, Summit has grown from an average weekly attendance of 250 to more than 2800.

Brad and Cheri have a passion for church planting and have worked together over the past decade training hundreds of church planters around the U.S

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