B4 Church — Update 3/25/20

Hey B4 Church,

I've missed you, so I hope to encourage and inspire you with this brief update! I also want to offer a shout out to Alex for a powerful and relevant message from last Sunday. Talk about Jesus coming to us in a storm! As Alex said, I believe Jesus is meeting us — and leading us – in amazing and creative ways during this stormy crisis.

As we see him do so, we want to also see B4 continue to be the Church. We want to see us be a community where people can belong, where they can behold Jesus and be a part of what Jesus is doing among his people. We also want to see our faith deepen as Jesus draws deeper belief and trust in him from all of us. And we get to go beyond the boundary of our campus, reaching the people around us for Jesus. This is an opportunity for us to be missional, to spread out and minister to our larger community in Jesus’ name.

To support what Jesus is doing among us, we've redesigned our website to make it easier for you to get the resources that can encourage and equip you. In addition to our online services, there is great content to help you stay connected with each other, daily devotions from me and our other pastors for all ages, and great content for our young families. It's all accessible from our home page. If you need help, or you can offer help, you'll also find a way to do so on the web site.

God is doing amazing things through B4. We've been reaching out to love our city and we're seeing the first fruits of that. One of our leaders shared about an acquaintance who came to faith in Jesus last week as a direct result of the coronavirus's impact on his job and the way B4 Church ministered to him, both recently and in the past.

We found a stock of N95 medical-grade masks that we had ordered years ago as protective gear for on-site workers. We'd no idea they were more than just construction gear. We were able to donate those to a local hospital, along with others sent to us by our friends in China. The Red Cross was asked to leave the school properties where they normally take blood donations. That happened during a shortage! We invited them to use our campus parking lot. Perhaps the strangest of all is this. We've been offered 10,000 flash-frozen chickens by a major food supplier. So, we're now working with other local churches to distribute these chickens to hungry families throughout our community.

I see Jesus moving in and through our church in exciting ways that might have been easy to miss apart from our current circumstances. So, thank you for continuing to be the Church, to gather (at least online), to give, and to serve.

This Sunday, I'm so excited to share with you what God's been sharing with me in His Word. We're going to continue our series called Waypoints in John chapter nine. We'll also have great worship offered by our team. Please join us anytime after 7:30 AM on Sunday at B4church.org. I'm praying for you and I look forward to the time when we can gather in person again.

Grace, peace, and God's comfort to you all,
Pastor Brad and the B4 Church Team

P.S. If you need prayer for any reason during this season, you can let us know by emailing .

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