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Through this free resource, you can access thousands of online Bible studies from teachers like Francis Chan, Margaret Fineberg, Dave Ramsey, and Gary Thomas—anywhere, any time, and on any device. Plus, there are tons of children's content. And it's all free. All you need to do is sign up and create a login for yourself. It's simple. For more detailed instructions click here.

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Just Mercy a Story of Justice and Redemption

By Bryan Stevenson (available on B4Overdrive)

Bryan uses a biographical story to expose injustice in the American judicial system. This book was recently made into a movie (free to watch this week).


Waking Up White: and Finding Myself in the Story of Race

By Debby Irving (audiobook available on B4Overdrive)

A Northeast WASP shares her journey through confronting racism in America. She offers a sociological view through her writing, which leads her to address large systems. However, she does so through a personal narrative. In this very readable book, she tackles issues of stereotypes, bias, and color-blindness.


Let Justice Roll Down

By John Perkins (available on B4Overdrive)

We have all likely heard countless stories of the Civil Rights movement, yet none are quite like Dr. Perkin’s story. He lived through the apartheid of the south prior to the Civil Rights Movement and escaped to Los Angeles. Responding to God’s direction, he returned from the West Coast. Beaten almost to death upon his arrival in Mississippi, he stayed to sow seeds of change within the very community that persecuted him.


Unlikely Brotherhood

by Ken Koopman (available in the FDC)

This story is written by, and about, B4 members. Set in Portland. It tells the story a friendship forged between Larry Andersen and Wendell Birkland, a white defense attorney, and a black cop. Represented both sides of the racial chasm, they relate in this story how they were able to bridge the gap through empathy and friendship.

**Warning: The language in this book is particularly raw. There are expletives sprinkled throughout. This is not overdone or even used for shock value. It is written with an unflinching honesty aimed at communicating effectively in today’s culture.


The Book of Forgiving

By Desmond Tutu (available on B4Overdrive)

This is one of the best books available on empathy and the process of forgiving.


Local Color Documentary 

This documentary chronicles the little known history of racism in Oregon and the moving story of people, both black and white, who worked for civil rights. There are moments of highly disturbing racism in a state not known for diversity. But there are also moments of inspiration and courage as people take a stand to bring about important change.

With the recent restrictions, closures, and quarantines we wanted to reconnect you with a B4 resource: our digital library on Overdrive. For those who may not be familiar with Overdrive, it is the same system that the Washington County Libraries use.

Our collection includes most of the books listed in On the Same Page from this year and last year. In addition to this, we have added several books and audiobooks that have come highly recommended. We are also able to add books to our collection, if you have suggestions please email us.

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