Senior Pastor's Office

Madalyn Salz

Executive Assistant + Residency Coordinator

Missy Barnes

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Grace Vail

Assistant to the President-Elect

Pastoral Ministries

Alex Lessler

Connections and Adult Discipleship Department Pastor

Amity Wu

Administrative Assistant

Ashleigh Rich

Adult Discipleship Team Coordinator

Christina Chen Wang

Multi-ethnic Connections Coordinator

Dan Gill

Pastoral Services Department Pastor

Debi Mills

Marriage + Family Pastor

Fabi Colmenarez

Assistant Pastor of Local Outreach

Janet Shim

Leader Practicum and Mobilization Pastor

Jim Pope

Senior Adult Pastor

Kisan Mizer

Bhutanese Community Pastor

Krissy Hires

Pastoral Services + Memorials Coordinator

Launa Jeffery

Family Ministry Coordinator

Lizzy Fox

Rooted + Connections Lead

Mark Nicklas

Local and Global Missions Department Pastor

Vikki Dueker

Pastoral Services Administrative Assistant

B4 Creative

Brent Mills

B4 Creative Department Pastor

Jamie Robison

Worship Leader + Storytelling

Kate Hull

Sr. Graphic Designer

Lane Greenleaf-Perez

Worship + Young Adults Pastor

Yzmari Duran

Communications Designer

Desiree Tyner

Administrative Assistant B4 Creative

Children's Ministries

CarolAnne Tsai

Family Discipleship Center Coordinator

Carrie Koster

Early Childhood Lead 4's and Pre-K

Charissa Burns

Early Childhood Coordinator

Katie Oranen

Children's Outreach Coordinator

Kris Hines

Children's Ministries Admin

Laura Beavis

Director of Children's Ministries + Interim 2nd-3rd Grade Pastor

Liz Wilcox

Early Childhood Pastor 3s + MotherWise

Lynn Royer

Elementary Assistant

Tiffany Pugh

Kindergarten + 1st Grade Coordinator

Todd Crist

4th + 5th Grade Pastor

Youth Ministries

Finance and HR


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