Lead Pastor's Office

Missy Barnes

Executive Team Director

Madalyn Salz

Executive Team Lead + Residency Coordinator


Carrie Koster

Early Childhood Lead 4's and Pre-K

Katie Oranen

Children's Outreach Coordinator

Kayla Miller

Childcare Ministry Coordinator + Pastoral Services

Kris Hines

Children's Ministries Admin

Laura Beavis

Director of Children's Ministries + Interim 2nd-3rd Grade Pastor

Lynn Royer

Elementary Assistant

Tiffany Pugh

Kindergarten + 1st Grade Coordinator

Todd Crist

4th + 5th Grade Pastor

Youth Ministries

Lane Greenleaf-Perez

Youth Department + Young Adults Pastor

Weber Salz

Youth Worship Coordinator

Connection + Adult Discipleship

Alex Lessler

Connections and Adult Discipleship Department Pastor

Ashleigh Rich

Adult Discipleship Team Coordinator

Christina Chen Wang

Connections + Life Group Coordinator

CarolAnne Tsai

Family Discipleship Center Coordinator

Pastoral Services

Dan Gill

Pastoral Services Department Pastor

Debi Mills

Marriage + Family Pastor

Janet Shim

Pastoral Ministries Pastor

Jim Pope

Senior Adult Pastor

Joe Gruber

Pastoral Services Pastor

Kayla Miller

Childcare Ministry Coordinator + Pastoral Services

Krissy Hires

Pastoral Services + Memorials Coordinator

Launa Jeffery

Family Ministry Coordinator

Vikki Dueker

Pastoral Services Administrative Assistant

Larry White

Pastor Services Pastor

Local + Global Missions

Fabi Colmenarez

Assistant Pastor of Local Outreach

Kisan Mizer

Bhutanese Community Pastor

Mark Nicklas

Local and Global Missions Department Pastor

B4 Creative

Brent Mills

B4 Creative Department Pastor

Desiree Tyner

Administrative Assistant B4 Creative

Jamie Robison

Worship Leader + Storytelling

Kate Hull

Communications + Design Lead

Finance and HR


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